Ok I know it has been a while I have had sort of a writers block and its just been over all a crappy few month's but I have started working more on this story I will bring some more snip-its soon. You can read the full prologue here: http://figment.com/books/584870-Donata-s-Story and I will keep up to date as much as I can here and through the facebook page. 




Here is a blurb from the first book about Donata's best friend:

I live on the second floor in a nice little one bedroom with my dog Magnus. He is 120 pounds of pure spoiled rottenness. I talk to him like most people talk to their pets but I get images in my head and feelings from him. It has really made our life together so much easier, he has been my constant. We grew up together and he has lived longer than any dog on record, I've checked, he is 35 years old in human years.

“Etauriana seized control of Kelphor, which is the capital of Capheleon, about 5 years ago. Most of the ruling families and their people made it to the forests and we have been fighting back, causing as much damage as we can with what little resources we have left. Five years of fighting has taken its toll on everyone, we have lost so many and we are at the point where you 9 are our last hope. I have to teach you to use all of your abilities effectively before we can even cross over. The forest we now live in are wonderful but dangerous. I can give you a little bit of time to process all of this but we will need to start training very soon. I would like to take you home within the month.”  

Etauriana, beautiful in her evil glory to take over our world from the inside out. She has black silver speckled eyes tilted slightly up on the outside. Long pure white hair with blood red streaks framing a strong thin face with green tinted, full lips and milky white skin. She wastes levitation to make it seem she is sitting on an invisible throne. The shear green slip over all that perfect unflawed milky whiteness is what brought the ruler of our world to his knees begging her to take him, which she did. She drove the pure gold sword straight through his heart and he smiled at her enraptured as the blood spilled from his lips, his chest. In that moment the world was at war.

So I have begun my journey into the world of Capheleon and it looks like I will be starting with the forest of Ishnu here is a preview:

We live high in the reuvin trees in homes created of brush and leaves and any other resources we can find out here. The builders have done a magnificent job of making us feel as safe as possible in this time of uncertainty. I have decided to wonder down to the waterfall hidden behind the shelf of Malfius covered in a bed of liaf (a violet long petal flower). The water is warm, the sounds of the creatures roaming the forest are soothing. I watch as a bird I could not identify flies by in the purplish haze of the day. Day is a rich vibrant purple, night is a warm blue. I watch as a cafins swims by in the clear pool made by the waterfall. I see a palrean berry bush and pick some of the ripe berries. They taste like spring on my tongue and take me back to thoughts of childhood.


Welcome to the place in my head that I would love to call home but alas reality is not always as fun as what we dream up. The world of Capheleon Night is a wonderful world close to ours but different in many ways. I will be updating this blog about one to two times a week if possible. This will be an ongoing blog about this world as it relates to the story I am writing around it. The story, I feel will take quite some time to come together at least the first book, but I want to make sure that you understand the world I am building for these characters. So here it is, this is raw and as it comes to me so please be patient and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them and I will be happy to answer them as soon as I can.


     I have just started writing, trying my hand at something that I wasn't sure I could do. 


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