So I have begun my journey into the world of Capheleon and it looks like I will be starting with the forest of Ishnu here is a preview:

We live high in the reuvin trees in homes created of brush and leaves and any other resources we can find out here. The builders have done a magnificent job of making us feel as safe as possible in this time of uncertainty. I have decided to wonder down to the waterfall hidden behind the shelf of Malfius covered in a bed of liaf (a violet long petal flower). The water is warm, the sounds of the creatures roaming the forest are soothing. I watch as a bird I could not identify flies by in the purplish haze of the day. Day is a rich vibrant purple, night is a warm blue. I watch as a cafins swims by in the clear pool made by the waterfall. I see a palrean berry bush and pick some of the ripe berries. They taste like spring on my tongue and take me back to thoughts of childhood.


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     I have just started writing, trying my hand at something that I wasn't sure I could do. 


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